In this section you will find instructions on gaining leads on Facebook and Craigs List. If you use the tips and instruction in this section you can have great success leveraging Social Media sites. You can apply these methods to virtualy any social media sites out there. This section is to just get you comfortable with the different ways to use social media to advance your business.


Leads From facebook

Facebook is a great way to generate a ton of leads. If you know where to look. I will cover several ways of getting leads on Facebook and some of the do's and dont's when posting on Facebook.
The first thing and probably the most obvious way to post on Facebook is your own profile. Post an ad as one of your status updates. In doing this you have just exposed all of your family and friends and in some cases friends of friends to what you got going on. While it is not recommended you try to sign up family there is nothing stopping you from doing so. I cover signing up family in a different topic and you can read more about it there. That being said if you have alot of friends on Facebook you run a good chance of someone showing an interest. Also you'll find it alot more comfortable to talk to someone you already know as opposed to a total stranger.

Moving on, The second thing I want to cover is posting in groups. Now, there are several factors you want to keep in mind while posting in groups. First not all groups welcome advertisers. Some, however allow it while there others that welcome it. So its up to you to find out if its ok or not. The best way to do that is to ask the host of the group. When searching groups the sky is the limit. Enter a topic you want to search then click the groups tab on the left side of your page to filter your search to only groups. You can look for work from home groups or trading groups, yard sale groups, business groups the list is endless. These types of groups tend to allow advertisers but not always so be sure its ok or they will delete your post.

  Another tactic when searching groups is to find groups you are interested in. Say for example you like horses, there are tons of groups about horses. Join the group and start conversing with people, you want to build a repore with the people in there. Then instead of posting an ad try talking about yourself and just happen to mention you work at home making good money. O_O<------ See that...That is interest being peaked. People will start asking you what you do for a living. Now you make your move. You see you've built a relationship with these people and they trust you a lot more than if you just joined the group and posted an ad. Trust is important because if people dont trust you they tend to be a harder sell.

Lastly is my little ninja secret that most people don't think about. That is to search out individuals. That's right look for people who need a job. O_O <------ See that, That is your interest being peaked. You see facebook keeps track of everything, Even employment status. So this is what you do, Type unemployed in the search bar and hit search. Then on the left side tabs select people. BAM!!!!! You now have a list of all the people on facebook who have unemployed as their job status. You starting to see where I am going with this. So all you do is send them a short message that US home Work Force is hiring and toss your domain name in there. The results are unbelievable.

 The good thing about searching people instead of groups is that when you search groups everyone gets the same results. So you have to go deep to find groups that people are not already posting in. However when you search people no one gets the same results. Why you ask. Well, that's simple. Because when you search people it starts with your friends list, then goes to friends of friends. It radiates out from there. So because everyone has their own friends each persons people search is going to be different.
I hope you find this info useful. You are now armed with a dangerous weapon... Knowledge.

 The Key to Facebook Is when searching groups, you need to search deep. Other people that also market online always join the groups that come up first in the search results will always be over ran with marketers.. So keep clicking more results and go deep. the farther you go the more likley you will find groups that have not been flooded with other marketers.



5 Tips For Using Facebook To Draw Traffic


Facebook Fan Pages can be a very useful tool for drawing massive traffic to your websites, Facebook page or blog. Fan pages are better than profile pages because of the ability to have “Fans” which will constantly be updated on their feeds by whatever you post on your Fan page

The way to draw massive traffic through a Fan page is by getting your Fans to interact with the content you post on your Fan page. Here’s a few techniques for making that happen

Ask questions. One way is by simply asking questions of those who ‘like’ us on Facebook. Every day or two we pose a simple question that asks readers either for their opinion, to share an experience that they’ve had, to tell us something about the stuff they are interested in and so forth.

Highlight important updates. The benefit of highlighting what’s happening on your Facebook page is it boosts the numbers of responses to the questions that you ask. Also, people who just joined the page can get into the latest updates on the site.

Start a landing page. Just like how the usual landing page or opt in page works on your website, you can include one on your fanpage and encourage people to “like” the page so that they can get a free download to a free gift. This can help you to build your subscriber list fast and send them back to the Fan page for more updates.

Advertise on Facebook. Advertise on Facebook and draw passive traffic into your Fan pages (preferably send them to your landing page). The more “Likes” you get, the more your business will get exposure on the newsfeeds of the fans and the more traffic you will get.

Provide lots of useful content and send them to your blog. Use the Facebook Fan page as an “outpost” for your fans to get updates on latest blog posts or news on your website and encourage them to visit your website.



How To Grow Your Business Virally Using Facebook

Facebook has taken the world by storm, becoming the number one activity on the internet surpassing email (2010 statistic) and being the 3rd largest in population if it were a country.

What does this mean? This means that the potential for growing your business virally is astounding.  Facebook is a social networking website so that means people can share things they like (such as businesses) with ease.

So how do you grow your business virally? Well, there’s this thing called Facebook Fan Pages. With Fan pages, local businesses can make local business pages on Facebook and allow their customers or fans to connect with them. This is done by getting them to “like” your page.

On your fan page, you can share all sorts of stuff such as latest news and updates, questions, surveys, contact information, and the best part is you can interact with your customers easily.

The viral magic comes in when your fans post something on the wall of the Fan page, or just the simple act of “liking” your page will allow their updates to appear on their personal news feeds.

When their friends see it, they would go and check it out as well and if they like the stuff, they can become fans too. When more and more fans “like” your page, your business exposure starts to increase exponentially.

Furthermore, since the whole thing is happening on Facebook, people can share stuff easily and thus, making your business grow virally with ease. Remember, in the end of the day, good stuff gets shared easily so focus on building your business brand to make people more likely to share your stuff. Tap into the power of viral marketing to grow your business presence online today!


 Leads From Craigs List



 I know alot of people have a hard time with CL. I know alot of people get ghosted. We try to help as much as we can but the reality of it is we dont know why people get ghosted. There are no set rules for posting on CL. All we have to go by is their terms and conditions which is no help at all. They have no customer support. They want you to try to find your answers in their forums which is hostile at best. Also no help.

  I have 5-6 CL accounts that I post on from my home computer. I post 2 new ads every 48 hrs no more. I do not have a phone I have a skype number which you cannot use to create a CL account. I do however have friends and family that have no problem letting me have a code sent to their phone every 2 days. They then call or write me on skype and give me the code. I do know if you try to post more than 2 ads every 48 hrs you run a huge risk of getting ghosted. I also know that you must post new ads before you renew your ads or they will get ghosted.

   I stick to my local area, I have found if you go too far out you tend to get ghosted more. I no longer delete my cookies because it didnt seem to make a difference. I no longer go to libraries to post from different accounts because it makes no difference. I have found that if you keep posting you phone number without changing the format you will get ghosted more often. I have found that taking the www. off of my domain seems to help also putting my domain in all caps seems to help too. I dont mention work from home anymore because CL doesnt like work from home jobs.

   I keep my ads short and sweet and to the point. I have found that if your account gets ghosted all the time, let it sit for a week or 2 and it tends to start posting again. There you all have it. That is all i know about CL. I know that CL is a pain. It took me posting on CL for about 3 months to learn what I know.

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