Keep In Mind:


Many times all these people need is to hear the voice of a real person answering their questions. This helps assure them it’s not a scam.  

When talking to prospects, be conversational but brief and professional. Respect their time, and sound busy yourself.

Don’t try to explain anything. Ask them questions, find out what they want and let the video work for you.

Set a time to call them back after they watch the video. Always keep this commitment, as it will show that you are professional and they can count on you.


Script For When You Get Voicemail Calling Leads and Resumes

Keep it simple—less is more. Don’t give too much detail and they’ll usually call you back.

“Hey Sandy, my name is Jean Hollinger and I’m a recruiter. You responded to one of our ads online and I think we may have a fit for you with our position. If you’re still looking for work, give me a call at xxx-xxx-xxxx—thanks.”

Do not sell or explain. They will be curious and if they're looking for work, they'll call you back. After leaving two messages move on to people who are responding to you.


Hi Sandy, my name is Jean and I’m a recruiter with Virtual Income Systems. I saw your resume online—do you have a few minutes to chat? Great.

“What is your work experience up to now?” (Listen and take notes for referring back—this will also let them know you are a professional.)

“Are you looking to work full-time from home or to supplement what you’re doing currently?”

“Do you have basic computer skills, and are you comfortable surfing the internet?”

“Let me tell you a little about who we are. Our parent company, Instant Rewards, is partnered with Fortune 500 companies such as Netflix, eMusic, and Direct TV. By allowing us to promote their products and services, people like you and me can generate income from the comfort of home either part-time or full-time.

“All you need to do is to become qualified with Instant Rewards by completing a handful of offers, which are usually free or very low-cost, depending on the offers you choose, and that is totally up to you. This is a one-time qualification, then you are able to receive commissions from that point forward and never have to qualify again.

“Agents who are consistently working our system typically earn from $100 – $400 a day after training and setup. It’s simple to go through training, and we provide support through our Facebook page and live calls twice a week.

“It sounds like we may have a fit. When will you set aside 20 minutes to watch our company overview?

“Do you have something to write with? I’d like you to go to my website at It takes only 20 minutes to get all the details about what you would do as an online referral agent.

“Let’s schedule ___ p.m today to do a follow up call. I’ll ask you just one question—On a scale of 1 to 10, how serious are you about working this business? If you are a 6 or less, I’ll thank you and we’ll end the conversation. I don’t chase people—we have lots of people wanting to get started, so you can be honest about where you are. If you are a 7 or above, I’ll get your questions answered and help you get started with your application and qualification process. Does that sound fair?”

SCRIPT # 2 CALLING Opt-Ins or Leads

Hi _____. My name is _______________ and I’m an online recruiter contacting you in regards to an ad you recently responded to online. Is now a good time to talk?

(If NO, set a time for an interview later and follow the script below when you do speak with them.)

  1. Are you looking for a full time or part time position?
  2. Are you looking to work from home?
  3. Do you have basic computer skills, internet access and a working phone?

Thanks. Would you mind telling me a bit about your background and work experience? (Get them talking about themselves. Ask them if they received any rewards or recognition. You can tell a lot about their work ethic from this conversation.)

Thank you for sharing with me, ____. It helps me know if we will be able to work together or not. Did you watch the video included in our ad?

(If No) The best thing to do is watch our informational video—it’s not long, less than 20 minutes. It will explain who we are and what we do in detail. You’ll know exactly what you’d be doing after watching.

What time today would you be able to look at this video?

OK great. After watching the video, leave that page open on your computer, or bookmark it so you can return to it for our appointment. Let’s schedule ___ p.m today to do a follow up call to answer any of your questions and get you enrolled or started in our training.


(If they balk or don't want to watch the video, or if they say, "Just tell me what it is", answer by saying:)

"_______, part of the qualification process is being able to follow directions and showing an interest in learning what you will be doing. If you aren't willing to watch our company overview without distractions and focus on the information so we can continue the process, This may not be the right position for you." Usually they will immediately assure you they will watch the video.

If they are still grumbling or don't immediately tell you when they will watch the video, DO NOT BE AFRAID to tell them this isn't a fit and politely but firmly end the conversation. If you drag them now, YOU WILL DRAG THEM THROUGH THIS BUSINESS ALWAYS! It's not worth your time.


  • If they have watched the video, ask what they liked about the video. Get them talking about this as it gives you an idea of what’s important to them.
  • Ask if there was any reason they didn’t create an account with Instant Rewards and get started. Usually you can discover their biggest obstacle, help answer that question so they’re more comfortable, and let them know there is training and full support with our system. Many times this is enough for them to get started with the offer process.
  • If they are ready, walk them through the signup process with Instant Rewards. If they don’t have your presentation website page up, email them your direct Instant Rewards referral link, found on the status page of your Instant Rewards account.
  • To help them create their affiliate account with Virtual Income Systems, send them to your website and help them navigate to the form for creating their Virtual Income Systems back office and affiliate website: xxxxx is your username.

If you are not sure of your username, in your back office click on “visit capture page” under the picture of your capture page. The URL at the top of the capture page is one of your promotion links, and your username is at the end.

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