In this section we will cover the things you need to do to make sure you are set up to run properly. Set up is quick and easy. Please read through this whole section as it contains important information. 

Download the quick start guide here ---->

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Welcome to Virtual Income Systems! Our goal is to have you up and running as quickly as possible. We have tons of resources and tools to help you be very successful in your new business.

Quick Start:

Begin each day reading the Success Quotes and watching the Daily Inspiration. This will help set your mind on growing your business and success consistently. This can be found in the resources section of your back office.

1. QuickStart Guide. The QuickStart Guide simply shows the process of the website pages flow:  the order your prospect will see the pages, how to register and complete an offer with Instant Rewards, and how to create their affiliate account.  It's important for you to be familiar with the Guide and what your prospect is seeing during their introduction to Virtual Income Systems.

You can download a copy of the QuickStart Guide above.

2. TrainingPlease go through the training section, video library and phone training for help getting started.

There are also training videos on Facebook and campaigns.

3. Connect with the Team!

The Facebook group is one of your main resources for support. You can meet other team members, get answers to questions, and get ideas for promoting your business. You'll see when others are having success which can help keep you encouraged.

4. Read the FAQ. Many times the question you are seeking may be found in that list. "Read Me" is the first section to review.

5. Your Sponsor.
Your direct sponsor can be a tremendous support for you when just getting started in this business. Contact them with questions and find out what they're doing to be successful. If you don't know the name of your sponsor, send an email to: or via the contact us page on this site.

We look forward to working with you in this exciting business. Please don't hesitate to contact your sponsor if you need anything or have any questions.


Virtual Income Systems


Getting Started


Getting set up takes some time, but once you have everything in order you can focus on marketing full speed ahead. Remember, you’re setting up a business in less than a day. Pay attention, do it right the first time and you won’t have as many challenges in the future.

Each item on the GSC is detailed in a separate link in the Resources section. It will take a few hours, and it's well-worth the investment. Going through this training before marketing will save you a lot of frustration and time, and will help ensure early success with your marketing efforts.


1. Read Virtual Income Systems vs Instant Rewards to understand the difference in the role they play in your business.

2. Edit the information that appears on your website in the "My Personal Info" section. NOTE: If you change your email address, that automatically changes your login email to be the same!

3. Set up your payment options in Instant Rewards.

4. Get a business domain. This is optional but strongly recommended. Sources are listed in a separate link. We also suggest creating a separate email for this business.This is covered under the Domain,Email,Phone tab of this site.

5. Get a marketing phone number separate from your personal home and cell. Sources are suggested in a separate link. Also optional but recommended. Record your marketing voicemail greeting directing people to your website.

6. Read the FAQ. If you don't see your question listed, please send it to us at the email provided in the "READ ME" section.

7. Join our Facebook page. Instructions are listed in the Welcome section and also a separate section under Getting Started. Participating in the Facebook group helps you feel connected and get to know other team members. You can also get great tips and help with challenges you may be experiencing. Click on "Docs" at the top of the page for detailed information on certain topics.

After first going through the entire Getting Started Checklist, listening to past webinars and reading the FAQ, if you still have questions join our Facebook group and contact your direct sponsor or their sponsor. It's a good idea to connect with your sponsor anyway. There's a chance they can become a great resource for you in this business.

 Instant Rewards: Referrals and Completions--Important!

1. Virtual Income Systems and Instant Rewards are separate.

We use Virtual Income Systems as the system that introduces people to the Instant Rewards website, but they aren't the same sites and they are not technically connected. We promote them, and they support us when we have issues dealing directly with Instant Rewards, offers, crediting and sponsorship. You will have your login page for your VIS back office, and another for your Instant Rewards accounts.

Virtual Income Systems login page:

Instant Rewards Login links:

2. A "referral" is someone who has created an account with Instant Rewards through your website.

The Instant Rewards IDs in your VIS profile in your back office are connected to your Instant Rewards "join" buttons on your website.

You will receive an email from Instant Rewards when someone registers an account using your referral ID. The subject line will read:

Instant Rewards: Starter - Referral Signup

This notification does NOT mean you have made money---it means that someone has registered an account with Instant Rewards through you, and when they meet their offer requirements, THEN you will be paid.

This notification email will provide you with their email address and nothing more. It's a good idea to send them an email introducing yourself as their sponsor and asking them to give you a call if they have questions.

It is also a good idea to attach a copy of the document "Important Information About Offers" found in this Facebook group "docs" section and also in the Resources section of your VIS back office under "More Resources". This will help them get through the offer process more smoothly, especially for doing the 80 upgrade.

3. A "completion" is your referral meeting their offer requirements on either Starter or 80.

 You will receive an email when this happens saying your referral has met their offer requirements. This means you have been paid for their completion. The subject line will look like this:

Instant Rewards: 80 - Referral has met requirements!

When you receive the completion email from Instant Rewards, log into your Instant Rewards account, Starter or 80 depending on the email, and order your money.

To learn how to order your money, read the article "How Do I Get Paid" in the docs section of the Facebook group, and also in the Resources section of your back office.

 Editing Profile and Payment Options


Complete Your Personal Profile

After taking a tour of the back office, the first thing you want to do is complete your profile with your personal information. Click "My Personal Info". Every field is important. Be sure to save your changes.

A. Phone Number

This is your “marketing” phone number. It will be on your web pages and at the bottom of your autoresponder emails. We suggest the following format as it shows up best on the website pages:

(xxx) xxx-xxxx

It is more practical for your business, and more safe to get a "marketing" phone number that forwards to your home or cell number. Your marketing phone number will be seen on hundreds of ads and all over the Internet. Use this as a tool to drive traffic to your website. There are suggestions for free and paid phone services under "Tools" in this Resources section.

B. Email address

This is your main communications address. You will receive your lead notifications at this address as well as periodic system updates. This is also the contact information that will be given to your referrals. We discuss setting up a separate business email--how and why to do it--in a separate section on this site.

C. Physical Mailing Address

A physical address is required in your personal profile. We don’t want to be accused of spam, and neither do you.

“The U.S. federal anti-spam legislation that went into effect January 1, 2004 requires that all email communications include the sender's physical address.”

Technically you should have this at the bottom of your emails that go to your leads and prospects, even if it’s from your personal email.

D. Instant Rewards Referral ID Numbers


You can locate your Instant Rewards Referral IDs by logging into your Instant Rewards accounts, and locating the numbers at the end of your referral link, which is in the middle of your status page.

The ID numbers need to be legitimate numbers and not ones you just threw in. Your links won’t work properly without your actual ID, so if you have NOT registered an account with Instant Rewards yet, get your sponsor’s link and register now. Put your valid ID in these fields. Do NOT market and promote your website without a valid Instant Rewards Account Referral ID as this will create confusion for your new prospects, and will be difficult to straighten out.

Note: Your Virtual Income Systems website will not work without your referral ID correctly input into your profile. You are responsible to check your profile for accuracy and make sure all information is updated.

E. New Lead Notification

This should already be set to “On”, however, it’s good to check. "On" tells the system to send you emails when someone visits your capture page.

Be sure to save your changes.

Set Up Your Payment Options—Bank Deposit and PayPal

After editing your profile, you want to decide how you want to be paid by Instant Rewards. There are two ways currently—PayPal and direct deposit to your bank account.

A. Setting up direct deposit to your bank account

To do this, log into your Instant Rewards Starter account and click “Prizes”.

Choose “Direct Bank Transfer”.

Click on the "support" tab at the top of your account. For the subject line type "set up bank account", and in the Question box submit the name of your bank, the routing number, the account number and the account holder’s name.

You can also send an email with the same information to: .


B. Setting Up A Paypal And A Free Debit Card.

1. Go to and click on "sign up". On the next page, for type of account choose "Premier". Follow the screens after that. You'll want to add a bank account to be associated with your PayPal account, and you have to provide a payment email. (You will receive payments to this email account.) You may want to choose something other than your business email (which will be receiving tons of emails) so you don't miss your payment notifications.

2. Usually, PayPal will make two very small deposits to your bank account to verify that it's your account. They will be very small amounts, such as 11 cents. You should have the deposits within a couple of days. Once you see the amounts, log into your PayPal account and enter them in your PayPal verification section to verify the bank account. Once you do that, the bank account is ready to use and you’ll be able to transfer funds from PayPal to your bank if you choose.

3. Optional: If you have had your PayPal account for more than 60 days, you have the option to apply for a debit card. Click on the "Products and Services" tab at the top of any screen. It will take you to another page; click on "View All PayPal Products".

4. You'll see a choice for "PayPal Debit Card"--click on that, and fill out the application. Pretty much everyone is approved because it's a debit card.

5. After you submit the application, you'll see it's being processed and that message will appear for a few days. About five days later after logging in you'll see a link to the right that says "Activate Debit Card". This means they've put the card in the mail. It usually takes about 10 days to receive the card. Once you receive it, log in, activate and you're ready to use your new debit card.

6. Adding the debit card, if you so choose, gives you three options with PayPal. You can pay for things using PayPal directly, you can move funds to your bank, which takes a couple of days, or you can pay for things immediately using the PayPal debit card. If you do want to transfer to your bank, PayPal doesn't charge anything to move the funds. To find out if your bank charges a fee--most do not--simply call your bank and ask.

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