In this section we cover how to forward your link to a domain if you choose to do so. This section also covers getting a business email and phone number if you choose to do that as well.

 Business Domain, Email and Phone Number

Get a Unique Business Domain

You receive a marketing link with our system for free to promote your capture page and web pages. We encourage everyone to ultimately get their own domain and forward it to the link below. It helps brand your business and it’s easier for people to remember.

The link provided for your use when first starting with our system are:

If you aren't sure of your username, on the main page of your VIS back office click on "visit capture page". The URL that appears in the address window of that page contains your username at the end. For example, .

NOTE: If you decide to purchase a business domain, and if you have not yet completed your Instant Rewards 50 or 80 or other program offers, the Vista Print offer gives you 250 business cards for free--just pay shipping and handling. You can accomplish two things at once--securing business cards with your new domain name and helping to complete your offer process.  This is a suggestion, not a requirement.

Domain Names, Forwarding Domains To VIS

You can buy a .info domain for only $2.99 a year!


Getting online shouldn't be tough. $7.99 .COMs

FORWARD your domain to (replace with your own username)

Global Domains International

Another domain provider we use is a company Called Global Domains International. GDI offers a great residual income by paying out on your downline 5 levels deep which is a great way to build your passive income. Domains with GDI cost $10 a month and are well worth it if you are bringing a lot of people into VIS. For more information on GDI, contact your direct sponsor.  If they are not involved with GDI, send an email with "GDI info" in the subject line to:


Here are some domains that may be available still--get them fast because someone else will if you don't!



It's really best to have a .com, .org, .net or .co domain, since they are more recognizable. However, if you need a free domain for now go ahead and register a .tk domain for FREE!

It is best to create a free account when you register your domain. That way, if you want to change the forwarding URL you can, and you can also renew the domain if you want. If you do NOT create an account, once you create a domain and put a forwarding URL in the blank, you cannot change it and you cannot renew the domain later.

VISIT DISCLAIMER: domains can be canceled without notice, can be purchased out from under you without notice, and convey less confidence with those you are marketing to than a .com, .org, .net or .co domain. The upside is they are FREE, and will get you started with the Virtual Income Systems without paying a single red cent.

FORWARD your domain to (replace with your own username)



Set Up A Business Email Address

We suggest getting a new, separate email address for your new business. One idea is to create one based on your unique domain name if you purchase one for continuity. You’ll be receiving lots of emails from our system and Instant Rewards so creating a different email for your business will help keep you more organized AND sane.

If you own a domain with GDI or GoDaddy, an email address is included. (You can also make an unlimited number of emails with these services.) You can create emails for free with many different services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

Marketing Phone Number

Creating a Marketing Phone Number that you forward to your cell or home phone is a fantastic tool for your business. It keeps your cell and home numbers private from the general public that will be seeing your ads, and it's essential for driving traffic to your website. It also gives you control over the incoming calls, choosing whether to answer or not. We have listed several sources for phone numbers under "Free and Paid Phone Services" so please check them out.

Google Voice Number. We go ahead and mention this service because it's FREE (for one more year until 2013). This is a great way to manage your incoming calls and screen your applicants. Please see specific instructions for getting one under "Free and Paid Phone Services".

NOTE: If you are using a marketing number separate from your home office or cell number, once someone has registered an account with Instant Rewards it's usually a good idea to contact them via phone and/or email and give them your direct number. They've taken an action step so you want them to have easier access to you, not having to go through the marketing phone and voicemail to get to you.


There are sample voice mail scripts for your marketing phone number under "Tools" on this site.


Free and Paid Phone Number Options

Phone Number Options

We've included some of our research below—we encourage you do your own research, and check out any service before joining to be certain it will meet your needs and budget.

A. Google Voice Number.

This is a free service. You get an email when someone leaves you a message, and the messages are transcribed into text in case you can’t listen right away. If you already have a Gmail account, within your email service at the top of the page click on “more” then “even more” then scroll down to “voice” under home and office, and follow the prompts. You can set up your Google Voice Number there.

If you aren’t using Gmail, you can also go to, click the red “Sign Up” button and create a Google account. From there you can set up a Google Voice Number.

B. Magic Jack.

I have some team members who use this service and love it. With Magic Jack Plus you purchase the unit which includes the first year of service, then it’s $30 a year. The list of features is amazing. You don’t have to have a computer, and you can take it anywhere with you. Pretty cool.

C. Skype.

You can make calls free to other Skype accounts, and calls to land and cell numbers are a flat low rate. It’s best to have a computer headset or a nice microphone with speakers on your computer.

D. Vonage.

I had Vonage until Comcast made me a great offer. I liked the service. They are currently offering $9.99 a month for six months, then $24.95 a month after that. You get a flat rate for UNLIMITED minutes to anywhere in the United States and over 60 other countries. I’ll tell you a secret—every time they were going to raise my monthly rate, I would call to cancel and they would let me keep the low rate—just sayin’.

Even though it’s VOIP, it’s considered a “real” number and you can make 911 calls from it. If you order online right now, you get free activation, free shipping and a free box. You just connect it to your computer and modem, very simple.

E. eVoice.

I have a team member in Canada who liked eVoice so much he kept the service after his trial. You get your first six months free, no contracts or cancellation fees, you can work from any computer and you can have your voicemails typed and emailed to you.

Remember, you can use your home or cell number if you like, especially in the beginning if your budget is tight. Google Voice is free and would allow you to manage your calls a bit more.
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