Here you will find answers to the most common problems you will run into working this system. While all of these are minor issues it is good to know how to fix the issue. Please read through this section so you will know what to do if ever these situations arise.

 What if my referral's account is placed on hold?

You or your referral's account is on hold. First thing you need to do is not panic, it happens. The reason accounts get put on hold is typically because the person signing up is using a wifi signal or a shared internet provider for their internet. This is common and can be easily corrected. Instant Rewards will send an admin message to both you and your referral as to why the account has been placed on hold. They will also specify exactly what they need to bring the account off hold. Usually it is a copy of your ID and/or a copy of a utility bill or something that shows your address. It's that simple--they just need to verify you are who you say you are and that you live where you say you live. They are a business and as a business they try to protect themselves against fraud. They place accounts on hold to make sure there is not more than one account per address. It's no big deal and corrected easily. The only time you may run into problems is if, in factk you are trying to sign up more than one account per household. That is a violation of their terms and conditions and will result in a permanent hold on the account that cannot be removed. Also you need to know that violating their T&Cs to try to make some fast cash could result in the permanent ban of your account as well.

Accounts being put on hold is fairly common. Be calm and confident and let your referral know this. These companies usually do a reverse search of a person's information--address and phone number. If they don't find it easily, sometimes they'll place the account on hold until they get more information from the affiliate. They have an agreement with their clients--the Fortune 500 companies and others--to confirm that the commissions aren't being sent multiple times to the same person, and/or that the affiliate in question is a real person capable of paying for products and services if they keep their trial offer.

They aren't interested in your sensitive information, so after you make a copy of your photo ID and/or utility bill, you can black out the account number. They just want to see a face with a name, and a physical address with your name. The simplest thing to do is make a copy of the requested items, scan them and email them to the provided email address. For Instant Rewards, the email is: They are really good about working with our affiliates.

If you do not have a copier/scanner in your home office, simply take your items for identification to an office supply store, or a friend or business who does. Have them copy and scan and email the items to the email address above for Instant Rewards. Be sure to include your name, email address and Instant Rewards ID number.

There is no reason for your new referral to stop moving forward with training and getting set up to market. Once they provide the requested documentation, it's only a matter of time before their account is released. While they are waiting, they can be developing their home office, their ads, and their marketing strategy. Keep working with them and help them focus on keeping their momentum.

 What do I do if I am missing credits?

If the steps suggested in the videos and on the Instant Rewards offers signup page are followed regarding how to do offers (like being in Firefox and turning off pop-up blockers), they shouldn't have a lot of missing credits, however, sometimes there are things beyond anyone's control with computers and systems so there will be missing credits from time to time.

Most of the offers with Instant Rewards are just that--instant. NOTE: "INSTANT" IS DEFINED BY INSTANT REWARDS AS NO MORE THAN SIX HOURS. When I went through the offer process, almost every offer I completed showed up within minutes of completion. This isn't always the case, however. Several things can affect how long it takes for an offer to be credit to your account. One of the biggest factors is leaving your offer window open for 10 minutes or more after completing an offer. It takes time for everything to cycle through the offering company's system and be processed. If the affiliate closes the offer window right after they complete the offer, it may cause the process to slow down, thus taking longer for the offer to be verified and entered into their system.

Wait AT LEAST six hours before submitting a missing credit request. Don't be so impatient, and encourage your referrals to keep moving and complete other offers. Don't get hung up when one offer doesn't show up immediately. In fact, don't rush to submit a missing credit request until a full day passes by. MOST IMPORTANT--as long as they have their welcome email from the company, and can eventually submit this with headers to Instant Rewards, they WILL receive credit for their offer. Tell your referral to keep all of their welcome emails in a separate folder, and assure them they will be fine. Keep them moving forward!

1. To submit a MISSING CREDIT REQUEST, log into Instant Rewards and use the "Submit Missing Credit Request" link on the support page.
2. Be sure to have your referral look at the tutorial on how to submit headers for their particular email service.
3. Copy and paste THE HEADERS AND FULL EMAIL into the body of the submission form.

When someone tells you they submitted the headers and email, and they still aren't receiving credit from Instant Rewards, 9 times out of 10 [i]they did NOT submit the headers and email correctly, even though they told you they did.[i] Walk them through step by step if necessary.

Team Viewer is an excellent tool for working with new people long distance via your computer. It is a very small, free software program that allows you to see the other person's screen. It will save you A LOT of time if your referral is not very comfortable on the computer and struggles with basic tasks. When you can't see what they are looking at, it's very difficult to help them without spending many hours doing it. So...DON'T DO THIS. Download Team Viewer and learn how to use it. Practice with a friend by having them download it too and practice watching them do things on their screen. For your new referrals who aren't too computer savvy, walk them through downloading Team Viewer, connect to their computer then literally WATCH them do things like register for Instant Rewards ON YOUR REGISTRATION PAGE, complete offers and create their affiliate back office and website with Virtual Income System. An hour doing that with them will assure you of getting paid, and will save you hours of supporting them later and emailing Instant Rewards in case they do it incorrectly without you.

Setting expectations with your new affiliates is important, so help them keep the big picture in their minds. They do the offer process one time, then they're qualified for life.


I cannot get access to the VIS Back Office

There are several reasons you may not be able to access your back office.   The most common are:

1.  You are typing the email or password incorrectly.

2.  If you changed your email address in your profile, this automatically changes your login email address to be the same.  Try using the new email address.

3.  You have registered with Instant Rewards but have not actually created an affiliate account with VIS.

If you cannot log into your back office, send an email with "locked out" in the subject to: .


How to Use the VIS Back Office

A Guide to Control Panel features


Welcome to the control panel for your capture pages. Within this control panel you will be able to quickly choose and set up the capture page of your choosing. Then you can add your signature which is displayed in all the outgoing emails that your leads will automatically be receiving. Setting up these things should just take a couple of minutes. Lastly, you will copy the URL address link from within the 'LINKS AND BANNERS" section so that you can paste it into the various ad campaigns that you set up OUTSIDE of this control panel.

For the most part, everything is already set to go as soon as you add your signature and choose a capture page. You should review all the help files which explain in greater detail all the features and options available for each.

Changing Your Password

Inside "My Personal Info" you can change the password you use to access this back office.

Managing Your Autoresponses

If you have NOT loaded the autoresponse messages since our switch to a new server, go to this section and do that now.  Your messages need to be updated with correct information.  Under "Messages Available", click the yellow link that says, "Load ALL Active Leads Messages". 

Be sure to read through each one after loading to be sure they say what you want, and that they are personalized with your unique links.

Anywhere you see words set off with wavy lines that is computer code--do NOT erase those.  The system is picking up information from your profile, and from the information your lead put into the capture page.  For example, ~name~ will be the first name of your prospect.

Here you can view all the emails that your leads will be receiving. The number of days is how many days after they filled out your form before each email will go out to them. You have the option of making them inactive if you wish to stop any of them from going out.

Updating Personal Info

Here you are able to update your contact info including your name, email and phone. 


Here you can view how many visitors have seen your page and how many have signed up. You can also see your conversion ratio so you can know how well your campaign is working.

Unique = The amount of unique visitors your page received
Total = The total amount of visits your page received
Signups = The amount of unique people that filled out your form
Ratio = The percentage of people who visit your site that fill out your form

Editing Your AutoResponse Signature

With this feature you will type in the information that you will want displayed at the bottom of all the emails that are being sent to your leads. As an example you could type in your Name and phone number , perhaps the best time to call, Etc.

When you click on this feature you will see at the top an example of the email that is sent out to your leads when they first fill out the form. Now, at the bottom of the screen is where you can type in the signature portion that will then always be included in ALL THE EMAILS that are sent out to your leads.

You also can click on the editing tools to take advantage of all the formatting options available to highlight your signature.


In this feature you will be able to view information gathered from all the leads captured by your lead capture page. When they arrive in this system they are considered ACTIVE and will automatically start receiving the scheduled emails that you have set up for them. If they convert into a sale, then you would want to click "Lead Converted" so that they do not receive the emails anymore since they have already been sold.

You can also choose to delete them or set them to inactive at anytime.

When you make changes to their status you can view them as a group by scrolling down the lead columns in that feature page.

Links and Banners

Within this feature is where you can harness the power of LEADTRACKER to enable you to retrieve the source of each of your leads. You will simply set a "Code" that you create for each ad that you are running for your capture page. The code should only contain numbers and letters and should not contain any spaces. After you have create a tracking code you simply copy the URL link data that is provided within this feature screen. When you receive a lead it will contain the tracking code in it.

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