This section covers the most F.A.Q. dealing with Instant Rewards. Please read them carefully as to insure you are following their terms and conditions. Failure to do so can result in accounts being put on hold or canceled. 


How Do I Get Paid?

When you receive an email notification from Instant Rewards with the subject, "Referral has met requirements!", that means you have money waiting to be ordered from Instant Rewards.

Log into your corresponding Instant Rewards account and click the "Prizes" tab. Check to see which prize you have selected before ordering to determine where you want it sent. You have a choice of Bank Deposit, PayPal and Custom Prizes. If you want cash, choose Bank Deposit or PayPal.

If you choose Bank Deposit, you will need to submit your bank information to Instant Rewards through a support ticket. Click on "support" from within your IR account. At the bottom of the page you'll see a blank support ticket. In the subject line type "bank information", and in the question box put:

1. Name of banking institution
2. Routing number
3. Account number
4. Account Holder's name

Click submit. (NOTE: You should receive an answer to your support ticket one or two days later that your information has been received and processed. If you don't follow up with another support ticket asking if they received your banking information AFTER waiting 48 hours.)

Next click on the "offer" tab. You'll see a message stating you have met the offer requirements. Scroll to the bottom of the page and submit your order. Instant Rewards will send your "prize" to the location you have chosen, either PayPal or Bank Deposit.

Once you submit your order, you'll see a message next to that order reading "Submitted for Approval". The next status will be, "Approved", and the next status will be "Completed". When you see the last status, that means the money has actually been sent to your requested destination.

You will receive an email notification when the last two status changes happen, and they are usually only a few minutes apart. The funds typically show up in PayPal within a few hours, and a bank deposit can take around 2 to 3 business days.

Just a note on direct deposit. If you want to have your money direct deposited into your bank account you need to send a support ticket to Instant Rewards with your name and routing number. Instant Rewards will take care of the rest. Its that easy. From that point on all your money will be deposited into your bank account within 2-4 days after you place your order using the order tab at the top of Instant Rewards.


Can I change my website username?

Send a support email to . Let us know what username you want, and if it's available you can have it.


Do I need a credit card?

Well the answer is yes and no. To get your offer credits you need to do an offer or two. To do an offer or two you will need a credit card. Most people already know how free trials work but if you don't I will clarify. A free trial is when you try a product or service offered by a company on a trial basis. This means you get to try their product for free for a limited time period. After the time period if you decide to keep the offer the company will then and only then charge your card. If you cancel your trial however you will not be charged.

As far as US Home Work Force, Instant Rewards or Virtual Income Systems goes you do not need a credit card. The only time you will need to put in any payment method is doing your offer requirements. Our system is free and Instant Rewards will never ask you for payment information.

On a side note, Not everyone has a credit or debit card in which to do the offers. This is easy to fix. You can use a Green Dot pre paid credit card to do your offers. These can be purchased at Walgreens or Walmart. The other awesome thing about the Green Dot card is that it can be linked to Pay Pal so you can have your money from Pay Pal put right on your Green Dot card. This allows you to get cash from ATMs and use it just like a Visa card


Do I have to talk to people?

The short answer is no, but let's explore why this is not the best answer. While yes it's true you can set this system to run on auto pilot, it is not your best tactic for getting sign ups. This is a numbers game and you want to convert as many numbers as you can. While some people will sign up from just seeing your ad, that number will be very low. People want to talk to someone. When they hear a voice on the phone they feel much more comfortable, You're building rapport and establishing trust. Talking to someone builds a relationship that just can't be done through an email. So in a nutshell do I need to talk to people?....No. Do I need to talk to people if I want to make money and get sign ups?....YES. It's in your best interest to speak to people. The more people you talk to the more money you will make (This is a fact). We have tested this over and over again. So it comes down to how much money you want to make and the effort you put into it. They say talk is cheap, and I agree. Talk is a very cheap way to make a lot of money.


Do I have to buy leads?

I would have to say NO. This system is designed to generate leads. If you'r following the training and keeping in contact with your sponsor you should be producing plenty of leads. If for some reason you are not producineg leads then you are doing something wrong or not doing something at all. This system works by getting your web site in front of as many eyes as possible. In order to do that you need to market your domain. Marketing gets your domain in the public eye. The more people that see your ad the more leads you will generate. While there are other ways of marketing, we will cover them under other topics. For now we need to focus on ads. They will be your bread and butter when it comes to generating leads. The more ads you post the more leads you will generate. If you think you can post only an ad or two and get tons of leads you are wrong. It just doesn't work that way. You'll hear us say this over and over again, This is a numbers game. So you want as many numbers as possible. Now there are those rare exceptions where people are doing all those things and still aren't getting leads. I do not know of any time where you would need to buy leads. Basically if your not getting leads your not working hard enough. Yes, your sponsor may provide you leads but it's not fair to your sponsor if you're not doing all you can to generate your own leads. While this may come across as slightly harsh, you will understand completely once you are sponsoring your own people. When they ask you why they are not getting leads, the first thing you will ask them is "How many ads have you posted?". Your sponsors are here to help you as much as possible but they are not here to work your system for you.


Can My Roommate Be My Referal?

Sure, If your roommate lives in a different house and has a different IP address.

In other words NO your room mate cannot be your referral. In fact, if you try to sign up your roommate and they share your residence, and Instant Rewards somehow figures this out, their account will be placed on permanent hold. If you keep trying to sign up people from your household they will even put your account on permanent hold. You don't want that to happen. Instant Rewards looks at it as fraud. Try to see it from their prospective. You sign up and complete your offer requirements, Then you go and sign up everyone in your house to make some fast cash. This is a violation of the terms and conditions and can possibly get your account banned. Once your account is banned you are done, and there is nothing you can do to get the ban removed. So the best route to take is to stick to the rules. Besides it's also in your best interest to not sign up your family and friends in the beginning, unless they are fully on board with what you are doing and believe in you. First, family and friends can be the most skeptical and hard to convince. Second, they have the most hard feelings if for some reason it doesn't work out. Believe it or not it's far more easy to sign up a complete stranger in the beginning.


Do I have to bug family and friends?

The answer is NO. It is really recommended that you do not bug your family and friends. There are several reasons for this. First, family can be your hardest sale. Family can be most skeptical and the hardest to get signed up. Friends come in a close second. Also, if a family member or a friend signs up and it doesn't work out for some reason, they have the most hard feelings about it. It is possible to damage relationships trying to bring family and friends into a business venture. There is an old saying: "Never Do Business With Family". There is a reason that saying has stood the test of time. There are those rare exceptions when this is not the case--you probably already know which it is by now.

I am not saying you can't sign up family. If you have a family member who really wants to do this, who are we to stop them? They just need to be aware that if they can't make a go at this it's not your fault. But that is where the problem comes from. They may think it's your fault and there may be hard feelings. Also, because they are family they tend want a lot more one on one help from you. If you let them, they may want you to run the system for them and they just sit back and collect the money. What it boils down to is there are a lot of reasons to not involve family and friends. I'm not saying people haven't brought in family and have had great success, it happens. I'm just saying history shows it's not the best idea in the beginning.

Sometimes it's a natural thing to share with your friend, especially your best friend. When I first got into this business, I shared a video with my best friend. I wasn't doing much with the business at first. She got into it, starting working it hard and then I was motivated to get going too! She is now doing great, loving the biz and loving her work more than when she was in corporate America.

I don't really go after friends and family at all. With the exception of my friend above, I haven't said much to anyone in my family/friend circle about what I do. I let them ask me.

IMPORTANT: Be prepared to have your 45 second "elevator" pitch ready in case someone asks you, "So, what do you do?" Mine is something like this: "Oh, I own my own business working from home. I recruit online referral agents for Fortune 500 companies. They pay us to advertise for them, and I get paid daily. All somebody needs is basic computer skills, basic people skills and good work ethic. It's actually a great job--I love it."

TAKE TIME TO WORK ON THIS. PRACTICE IT IN THE MIRROR UNTIL YOU CAN SAY IT CONFIDENTLY AND CASUALLY. You never know who you are going to meet, and you never know who may want to join you in this business. If the answer to the question, "What do you do?" rolls off your tongue easily without having to think about it, the person asking the question may be very attracted to working with you.


Can we refer Canadians?

Currently as of April 2012, there are no UK offers, and only 2 Canadian offers, so it is not really practical for them at this time. Later this year that could become available. If enough people request this option from Instant Rewards, they may be motivated to add more offers to include participation from those two countries, but for now we suggest concentrating on recruiting people based in the U.S.
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