In this section you will find many tools and marketing methods for you too use to run your business. Be sure to read this entire section as it provides many useful tips and different ways to market this system. In this business the sky is the limit. Your success is only limited by your own imagination and work ethic. 

Text Ad Samples, Post It Notes Examples, Flyers To Post

The examples below contain SAMPLE DOMAINS--THESE ARE NOT REAL DOMAINS!  Replace the sample domain, such as with YOUR OWN DOMAIN FOR ADVERTISING.


Most of the phone numbers listed on resumes in Craigslist are cell phones.  If you have a Google phone number for your marketing, you can send texts for free from that number.  It's pretty easy to figure out in your Google phone account.  You can also look up the instructions online.  Below is a sample of something you can text to resumes you find on CL:

I'm a recruiter and saw your resume online. We have positions available. Visit us at then call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx.


This is a GREAT offline marketing technique that many of the top internet marketers have used to grow their business.  Remember, there are a lot of potential online networkers still out in the "real" world.  You can have post-it notes made up for you at places like Office Depot, and you can also order them online from VistaPrint.  Stick them on gas pumps and places where you are running around doing business.

Start Work Today
(xxx) xxx-xxxx


This is ONLY to give you an idea--you can design this however you like. Just print up your ad on regular paper, or you can take it to Office Depot and have them put it on yellow card stock paper--whatever you want. Have something light and/or bright. Regular white is the least expensive and works fine.

Make the copies and fill in the little tabs along the bottom. Cut them in between, and tear one off the edge so people get the idea. They will tear away the little strips if they are interested. Make the ad fun, change it up--whatever you want to do.  Try different ideas for wording.


Recording Voicemail on Google Voice

You can record a message on your Google phone number following a few simple steps.

1. Inside your Google phone account, in the top right hand corner click on the tool icon. From the dropdown box click on "Voice Settings".

You have the choice of forwarding your marketing calls straight to the Google phone or your home/cell phone. We recommend forwarding them to your home or cell so you can speak with people if you choose. Decide a forwarding number and fill in the information.

2. After setting your forwarding phone number click on "voicemail and text". Click on "Record New". Leave the "New Greeting" pop up box as is.

You can use a computer headset with your Google phone to record your greeting, or a different phone that you set as your "home phone". You will be asked the Phone to ring--select from the dropdown box and click "Connect".

3. Once you click connect, the system will ring the phone number you chose and from there just follow the prompts. Inside Gmail, your phone dialog box will appear inside your Gmail account. Click on the green phone icon to answer, and click the box of dots to bring up a dial pad to follow the prompts.

NOTE: Google voice can be tricky when recording your message. I discovered that when you are finished with your message, if you hit "2" then immediately hit the # key, the message will stick and you will be given options. Also, if your message is too long the system tends to hang up. You may need to practice several times to get the hang of how it works.

Simple Way To Re-record A Message on Google Voice

A really simple way to re-record a message on Google voice is to:

call your google voice # from your home or cell phone and as you hear the existing message

2. press star (*) and then enter
your PIN.

3. After entering your PIN you just follow prompts to record your new voice message.


Sample Voicemail Scripts

Voicemail Scripts for Your Marketing Phone Number

These are sample scripts for your voicemail message when prospects call your marketing phone number. You can edit this to fit your personality. The idea is to get them to the video for explaining before you have a conversation with them.

Where you see the "xxxxx" at the end of the URL for promoting your site, replace these with your username. If you don't remember your username, log into your US Home Work Force back office. Click on "visit capture page". The URL on that page is one of the links you can use to promote your business. Your username appears at the end of the link after the last / . For example,


Thank you for calling Virtual Income Systems.

We're looking to fill online referral agent positions in your area.

Due to high call volume from our ads, all applicants are now being

directed to our company overview site at

The video explains the benefits, compensation and any other questions you may have.

Once again go to My Home Biz Dot Com to apply

and you will be contacted for an interview. Thank you.


Hi this is Jean.

If you're calling about the position in the classifieds and have watched

our informational video, leave a message and I'll get back to you.

If you have NOT watched the video go to,

that’s (spell out your domain if it’s not simple).

If you have further questions after watching the video, leave me a message

and I'll be happy to get those answered for you. Again, thanks for calling and have a fantastic day!


Thank you for calling Virtual Income Systems.

Because of high call volumes we want to encourage you

to visit for the quickest answers.

Once again that's

Leave a message and one of our representatives will get back with you shortly


Sample Broadcast

From your Back office / control panel you can send a broadcast to your leads.

Click the button that says:

Then on that page below the edit message area check the box that says, "ACTIVE LEADS" to send a broadcast to the leads who have opted in from your capture page.

Note: use the code ~name~ to automatically fill in the leads first name.

Below is a sample broadcast:

Hello ~name~

Thank you for visiting my website

My name is Kelly Elms, I am your coach / sponsor. Please feel free to contact me if you need anything or have any questions.

The best times to reach me are between 10:00AM - 2:00PM and 5:00PM 9:00PM EST M-F

Phone: 513-800-0350

The best way to get information is to watch our brief informational video. Here is a direct link to that page. That will tell you all about how and what we do online to make money.

Kind Regards,
Kelly Elms


Sample Email to Send to Resumes on Craigslist

Sample Email To Send To Resumes

This is an example of something you can send to resumes found on Craigslist. Change it up with your personal contact information and to fit your personality. This is only a sample.

I'm a recruiter and noticed your resume on a classified site.
We have online referral agent positions available that may be a fit for your job skill set.
Many of our agents are averaging $100+ a day.
This position is simple online work. After training and set up,
you can expect to earn $20 an hour or more, depending on the hours you work.

You will need basic computer skills, internet access and good work ethic.
We pay daily after you have started working consistently.

This position can be worked part-time while you continue your job search,
or you can decide to work it full-time like most of our referral agents.
For complete details and to apply visit our site:

If you have questions after reviewing our requirements, please give me a call.

Kelly Elms, Recruiter
Virtual Income Systems
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